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Open Mind, Open Heart


Father Vince Corso speaks a language needed in today’s world. Service, compassion, and respect are the cornerstones of his professional and personal life. Grounded in Franciscan community life for twenty years and ordained in 1980, Vince continues to minister as a married priest.

Those who approach him to discuss plans for an upcoming wedding or other service can be assured of being welcomed with open arms and respect for personal circumstances and beliefs.

As a certified social worker, Vince blends the tenets of psychology and spirituality, walking with others in pursuit of wellness and intimacy. He has worked throughout the Americas in a variety of settings including Covenant House, serving homeless and runaway youth; college campus ministry; and social work and bereavement services for hospice care. He holds professional masters degrees in Divinity and Social Work.


Vince is currently Manager of Spiritual Care and Bereavement Services for the Visiting Nurse Service of New York Hospice Care Program in New York City. He lives in Essex County, New Jersey, with his wife, Christine, and their two children.

Vince's Ordination (1980) Vince & Christine's Wedding family portrait

Vince's Ordination (1980)

Vince & Christine's Wedding (1991)

Vince and his family (2003)

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