Father Vince Corso

Wedding Ceremony 

The wedding ceremony itself, the heart of your wedding day, will speak to all present of the love the two of you share. I will work with you as a couple to prepare a wedding ceremony that will be personal and memorable. Together, we will craft a ceremony that will reflect your love, point to the presence of the Divine, and embrace the important role that your family and friends have had in helping you arrive at this moment. I have been officiating at weddings for over 40 years, and will invest many hours getting to know you as individuals and as a couple, preparing the ceremony, and presiding at the joyful celebration of your marriage.

A typical ceremony will last 25-30 minutes depending upon the venue and how the couple chooses to personalize it. This is your ceremony, and you may create it as you wish; my role is to assist with ideas and concrete suggestions.  There is room for readings as well as other symbolic acts, such as the lighting of a unity candle, the sharing of a cup of wine, or any appropriate action you would like. In addition, you may include people who are special to you in roles such as a reading, music, or giving a blessing or reflection during the ceremony.

The officiant is in your life for a short time, but plays an intense, intimate, and important role. As a married priest, I bring to your ceremony the insights I’ve gained over twenty years of counseling couples, as well as my own experience as a husband, father, and psychotherapist. Your ceremony will be uniquely your own and will speak to your family and guests of the depth of your love and your hopes for the future. 


Relationship Counseling: A loving relationship is one rooted in self-respect and nurtured by communication and forgiveness. We will explore these attributes in you as individuals and as a couple and use them as a focus for your unique celebration. I will provide you with a ceremony planning guide to assist you in creating a personalized wedding ceremony. This guide also provides "tried and true" communication tips and pertinent relationship building information.  As I am also a licensed social worker, I will use our time together to support and counsel you both as you enter your married life. This is not a “test” to see if you are suited to one another. Rather,  it is an opportunity for the two of you to sit down in a safe place and talk about the foundations of life-long friendship and marriage.

Ceremony Planning: Creative ritual is vital in making a true celebration. We will discuss the components necessary to make your marriage celebration one that reflects you as a couple. We then will reflect on the cornerstones of your marriage, incorporating these ideas into a ceremony that is unique and personal and reflects your preferences and traditions.

Wedding Day: On the wedding day, I will arrive no less than thirty minutes prior to the scheduled ceremony start time. I coordinate with the various professionals, particularly the photographer(s) and musician(s) or DJ. Some couples appreciate what I call a "walk-through" of the ceremony, which could be the three of us or the entire wedding party.

Fee: The fee for my services is inclusive of counseling services,  preparation of your customized wedding ceremony, and the time and travel to and from your ceremony.   We will have at least two meetings to plan, discuss, and personalize your wedding ceremony. After drafting your ceremony, I will spend as much time as is required to fine-tune the ceremony based on your feedback and ideas you have discussed with me in our meeting. Please contact me for fee details.